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Galactic Gong
Live Concert CD

Take a Cosmic Journey into the sound of the Gong in this CD release with Mehtab Benton and a diverse group of talented musicians, yogis and meditators.

Recorded live in concert at the Yoga Yoga Studios in Austin, Texas, GALACTIC GONG takes you on a meditative and transformational journey into inner space through the use of ancient instruments such as the Gong, Tibetan metal bowls, the didgeridoo and the harp.

The five tracks together create a deep relaxation in an intricate hour-long soundscape of Space Music that balances the five elements (tattvas) of the physical body and the seven energy centers (chakras) of the etheric body.

The CD includes a four-page insert and these tracks:
• Into the Cosmos
• Zero Gravity
• Supernova
• Time Warp
• Astral Waves

Mehtab Benton – Gongs
Everitt Allen – Tibetan bowls, gong
Steve Daniel – Didgeridoo
Jeremy Devens – Gong, bowls
Ryan Wright – Gong, bowls
Siri Santokh Kaur – Harp

CD Details:
CD: One disc jewel case with 4-panel insert
Running Tine: Approximately 62 minutes
Publisher: Bookshelf Press (October 2013)
Credits: Sound Engineer: Jeremy Devens; Designer and Artist: Brandi Lyons; Producer: Mehtab Benton