Introduction to Sound Therapy and the Singing Bowls

In this 2 hour session you will be introduced to Sound Therapy and using the Metal and Crystal singing bowls. This short session is great if you have a bowl and really don’t know how to use it, or you have been interested and would like to experience the sound of the bowls. If so, dust it off and I will fill you in with what you have been missing out on. The introduction to the background knowledge about the use of the bowls, provide the history of sound therapy and the use of singing bowls is discussed and includes instruction on how and where they are made.

Demonstrations and hands on instruction on using and caring of the singing bowls.


1. What is a Singing Bowl?

Antique,Old and New

2. How Singing Bowls are made.

3. What is a Crystal Singing Bowl?

4. Difference in Crystal vs Metal

5. How Sound Therapy helps heal the body.

6. How to care for Metal and Crystal bowls

7. How to Pack and Transport Singing Bowls

(Metal and Crystal bowls)

8. How to choose you bowl or bowls.

How many bowls do you need?

9. Buying tips.

10. Tones and Chakas

11. Respect and Honor your bowls.

12. Fields of Application

a. Yoga and Meditation

b. Sound Therapy

c. Massage Therapy

d. Acupuncturist

e. Energy Workers


By the end of the session you’ll have the confidence to start working at learning more.

I will provide the instruments needed for the training so no need to bring anything. If you do have a bowl and may want to know what tone it is, bring it and I will be able to tell you.

Class size is limited to 6.

Class is held on Saturday on the following dates:

June 11, July 23 & August 27, 2022

Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

Location:  in my home in Bellingham, WA, after paid registration I will send the address.

Cost: $67 included beverages and vegan snacks.

Introduction to Sound Therapy and the Singing Bowls


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