Creating a Dynamic Sound Bath/Journey


Two classes to choose from, July 14th or October 13th.

10 am – 2pm

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Sound Healing Methods for Creating Mind-Blowing Concerts

Finally, a practical guide to meet your goal of presenting a dynamic meditative sound bath! No one has spelled it out like this before.

This 4-hour workshop is an outline for sound meditations so you can get out and start creating peace in the world with your sound healing instruments.

You can provide many people with a perfect escape from the modern stress of life. Learn where to find your audiences and how to play in specific venues. How to keep an audience captivated for 60 to 75 minutes. How to “sound-craft”your instruments to maximize their sound healing potential.

There will be marketing suggestions. And valuable tips and tricks for creating memorable concerts to keep people coming back again and again.

Even with a few instruments, you can create impact and positive change in the work with your unique sound bath.

What You Will Learn

  1. Practical approach to scripting and performing sound bath events for groups of people
  2. Instruments used in a meditative concerts and how to play them
  3. Types of sound bath events, creative ideas
  4. Benefits of the sound bath and gong immersion
  5. How to create harmonies for a more profound meditative experience
  6. How to advertise and promote your sound bath
  7. Why use an outline and how to create a good one
  8. What you need to consider when choosing a location
  9. How to draw an audience and keep them them captivated for 60 to 75 minutes
  10. The nuts and bolts of marketing and negotiating pay
  11. Tips to create a memorable event from start to finish
  12. Venues that accommodate sound baths and the specifics to consider when booking them
  13. Packing up all those instrument so they arrive safe and sound