Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy & Techniques Training

This 2 day series will offer you hands-on training in how to play the Singing Bowls, plus protocols on how to incorporate them into your healing modality. Over the course of the two day sessions, you will learn how to effectively offer vibrational healing sessions for the following benefits: stress reduction, deep relaxation, facilitating release of blocked energy from stress, physical or emotional trauma. Sound healing can also offer relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, joint or muscle aches. Students will both receive and performs procedures designed to help the student learn and perform in a real world situation. Students will be introduced to a variation of bowls and chimes. Gongs and crystal bowls are touched upon during a brief part of the training. This class is excellent for energy workers, massage therapists, acupuncturists and sound therapists.

Bowls will be provided for use and sale. Tuition cost covers 2 days of intensive study and practice. Certification of Completion will be given after 16 hours of class, 10 private sessions with submitted intake/session forms for each client. Total of 26 hours.

**A light Vegan lunch will be served during the break, please advise of any dietary restrictions.**

Limited spaces available per session. (6 Maximum)

Cost: $275.00

(Early registration will receive $45.00 OFF, if registered 14 days before class)

10% OFF all bowls purchased during the training.

 Dec. 3rd & 4th (9:00 am-5:00 pm)

Saturday and Sunday


 Jan. 7th & 8th (9:00 am-5:00 pm)

Saturday and Sunday


Feb. 4th & 5th (9:00 am-5:00 pm)

Saturday and Sunday


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Day 1

This is a hands-on course in how to play Himalayan Singing Bowls for sound & vibrational healing. it includes an introduction to the history, lineage of the sacred Singing Bowls and how they’re made, plus an exploration of the different bowls available. Techniques for rubbing, tapping and playing bowls along with Tingshas. You will learn how to effectively use one (1), two (2) and three (3) bowls based on a bowl’s unique tone and positioning. This class is also designed for healing practitioners and those wishing to learn how to facilitate treatments with the use of a massage table. Students will receive and preform procedures on each other to develop skills needed in the real world.

Day 2

Learn the use of bowl placement and the importance of sound intervals as well as the protocols of advanced protocols and treatment techniques, and postures for special needs clients. Techniques using seven (7) bowls including, balancing the chakras, and other techniques to ease depression, anger, and stress. This session will discuss the importance of intention, discussion on setting up the healing environment, and how to conduct a session with a client. Students will receive and preform procedures on each other to develop skills needed in real world.


For more information or to sign up call 512-426-9568.

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