Finding the Delight of Being: A Restorative 2-Day Event

In this 2-part workshop, we will cover the reasons why we need to pause in our lives.

Part 1: Saturday, June 10
This session will cover:

Discovering reasons why we are often exhausted, feeling behind, as though you don’t have enough time.
Learning what restorative yoga is and how it came about.
The importance of developing a personal practice, as is sometime referred to a “lifeline” yoga practice.
Learning the different faces of stress and how the breath, guided visualization and sound can help deepen your practice.
Discussing basic props and how they are used.

Part 2: Saturday, June 17
This session will cover:

Reviewing Part 1 and then moving into techniques to enhance the effects of the practice.
Covering sequencing of a restorative practice from warm up to final relaxation.
Postures that benefit those with respiratory issues, mental health, digestive and neurological disorders along with women’s issues and other health related disorders.


Saturday, June 10
Saturday, June 17



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Austin TX 78745

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